“They’ve gotten bigger!” Anonymous Individual
Point in fact, they have! A squeeter landed on my arm during this summer season, and I, for certain, knew it was bigger than the usual.
“They’ve gotten bigger, for sure. What on earth is going on?” Anonymous Individual
To tell you the truth..these guys have gotten larger. In part, because of the people in science messing with their genes, and breeding new kinds of mosquitos, in hopes, that they can create mosquitos which do not hold any kind of disease/illness that can be passed on to humans. They have unleashed a beast!
These guys have been causing a big ruckus up in Massachusetts!
Secondly, we have two kinds of mosquitos now. The larger(the BIGGUNS) being the tiger mosquito(image above), which is from Asia and other warm climate areas. The other is our normal, run of the mill…baby squeeter(no harm, no foul). However, I have done no research into whether these little guys carry anything more than an itch.. There will be a metal show going on for research into Triple E. They’re calling the event Headbangers for Encephalitis. Heavy metal band Triple Evil is headlining. The specifications are not yet posted. Check in for further information. Thanks for reading. Side-Piece w/ inserts by LarGactyl


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