Vaping Ban en masse

The ban on vaping devices and products continues it’s cruise through the state of Massachusetts.

A now infamous lung illness called “popcorn lung” is among the reasons why. There have been deaths from vaping, as well.

It is understandable that the state looks into the fact that much of the vaping products, including the vape “juice”(or e-liquid) is flavored. Remember the Camel cigarettes that were flavored and gave off a hint of firecracker when you smoked them? Well, those are long gone, since anyone could see that they were targeted toward children- hands down.

Mass is looking into who these vapor hooligans are trying to sell their products to. Keep your lungs safe through the winter!


Banned: Menthol and flavored vaping products. Using flavored juices like this is called, “flavor vaping”- Banned to purchase in the state of Massachusetts.