A Massachusetts Affliction: Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s a SAD world up in Massachusetts! This disorder has deep roots embedded into the very essence of what it is to be from Mass. Point is, we’re not called Massholes for no reason.

Maybe you go through a bout of weight gain during the winter season? Have mood fluctuations? Or a distaste for the things you generally enjoy doing? Those of us who usually have a sunny disposition are in for a rude awakening come winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder; also known as SAD(wonder why?) is a yearly roundabout and plays a big role in the mood of those who reside in Massachusetts.

Seasonal depression is no laughing matter to the ever-agitated masshole. Please, give our residents some credit, as we can either try the pharmaceutical route and take medications, or stay strong and keep our will alive on our own!

Certainly a lack of sunlight and the fact that winter is our longest season is a big factor. We naturally will be deprived of one big essential to our health: Vitamin D. Although, less frequently, there are sufferers in the sunny months too(these claims are unsubstantiated, but certainly seem to resonate with the residents of Mass).

We are also looking into whether or not the time of year in which you were born has any cause or affect in how this affliction will plague the minds and bodies of massholes each year.

Any comments, thoughts, please share with us. Remember: when we don’t get glad, we get SAD. Good luck, folks!