Rage in Massachusetts

Us folks, we used to go out to the beach in New Hampshire in order to play bumper cars. Now, it seems like staying in Mass is easier.

There are lots of people in jeeps and trucks, here in Mass, wanting to play bumper cars with your irregularly small (and fragile) sedan. However- this article is a highlight on the reaction bursting out of the natives of Mass, and ultimately-

The question is: Is your response too much?

The answer: No.

Bump my rear? I’m in gear.

Do you refuse to put on your blinker, out right, when you’re taking a right-hand turn in your car? And then someone blatantly, and honestly, cries out, “You’re a douche!” and honks and yells until the next turn your car takes.

This reaction of annoyance, is called “road rage”. Which is entirely prevalent within the state of Massachusetts. And rightfully so! How dare the folks who stand up for themselves, as well as their comrades on the road(by taking action). Some people even call these reactions hateful(even though it’s obvious that yea, maybe they dislike your driving).

The slander being that we are mean, hateful, roadrage Massholes. This is indecent, and unkind. How we bash on other people, and stand up for our rights! They call it rage, well-

Not around these here parts. Support your friends rear ends,

RESPECT THE ROAD, and respect the people on it.

The Massachusetts way: Bump my rear? I’m still in gear!

This is the truth behind your bumper.

Safe travels, folks!