The Coronation of the Coronavirus in Massachusetts

Word of mouth is the way that the coronavirus is spreading in Massachusetts. With pride, we share, loudly, the state in which this state is in. However, it may result in a dry cough. Let me clear my throat..

Massachusetts is in a state of emergency, as the flu (Influenza), and covid-19 make rounds through the state. There will be no hospital visitors, or nursing home frequenters allowed inside these facilities.

As you may know, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), gives you flu-like symptoms, along with a hint of pneumonia. It is to be assumed that the elderly are at high risk (and elderly smokers, with a pre-existing history of lung or breathing problems are the highest risk for succumbing to this illness).

However, keep hope alive, folks. Perhaps some updates later.

Remember, we didn’t crown this despicable, nuisance of a disease. Wash hands, use hand sanitizer. Which I recall smells of cheap vodka (bottom shelf stuff). And keep away from crowded places where people generally do not care about each others well-being. Fight the..!

(In addition, smoking anything, at any age, is not a good idea. Keep lungs safe)

-Side-Piece (coming from something that recently got over the flu)