Gypsy season: Destructive dance all over Mass

A gypsy moth caterpillar has been spotted here in the heart of Massachusetts. And folks, these sightings are never to be taken lightly!

These critters are known to be pests. Characteristically, an invasive species to North America. Meaning that they came, they saw- but we will not allow them to conquer!caterpeevil

Known to defoliate, and weaken the dear life force of our trees. What parasitic fiends. Anyone with trees in their yard should be ready for these little guys..once they begin congregating in wiggly, squirmy, gyrating nests- they’re hard to be rid of.


-Hose them
-Take a stick or rake, and stick and rake them
-Burn them in a fire pit (however inhumane it may sound)

Let’s see how this year pans out. And don’t let them get you down- take ’em down!
Have a nice spring, folks!