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Pikachu represents the miniscule singularity in which came the spark(Pikachus electricity).  The spark is what created the Pokemon world. Pikachu is a symbol of life.

His ears are actually “horns”- which could also be portrayed as Pan(pagan god of fertility).

So, within the Pokemon world you are born with a “rival”-you are told. Your rival has three names(gameboy v.), and you also have three names to choose from. And both you and your rival can choose a name that begins with “J”. “J” could be short for Jesus, the son of God within the christian faith(Personally, I chose the name, “Jack”, because I like cards- the Jack and the Joker(will write on that subject another time). Suffice to say.. the other is Lucifer.

The children in Pokemon are to leave home when they are very young, and for some reason this child has no father(immaculate conception?!).  Your mother simply tells you that it is time for you to go, and that you are to stop and see Professor Oak.

What stands out is that when you step into the tall grass you are stopped by P.O. and informed that Pokemon live in the tall grass..? This is odd. This is on the outskirts of your town, have you never been outside of your town? Why has no one told you this before?- Then Professor Oak uses a pokeball to catch a wild Pikachu, and states that Pokemon protect children..

What does a Pokemon represent?(..damn..all of this adolescent Pokemon, and puberty shit!)

It could be bad, good, or it could be neutral. Pokemon are virtually trapped within a pokeball. You  have to train and have them fight for you, because you are a child and cannot fight for yourself. Therefore…Pokemon may well represent the growth of a boy, into a determined, Pokeman. They’re a reflection. Hence, their evolutions. Because as your Pokemon grow, so do you!

The name is ObstacleBuild, thanks for reading.


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