Enter Vortex2


Aria was a very beautiful series, to me. It was full of feeling, like a flowing stream. And I sincerely believe that it was meant to be like that. Especially with the final series(the origination). The whole anime is a circle.

I hold this series in very high regard, and do not intend to harm it. This is all simply thoughtful speculation.

Akari travels to a planet called Aqua, which is a water planet, to seek out her goal of becoming an undine in Neo-Venezia. Neo-Venezia is supposed to be a replica of a place on another planet called Manhome. Neo-Venezia is full of canals, beautiful architecture, and laid back people. There are many companies that train young girls to become undines. Undines are essentially tour guides. They ride gondolas through the canals of the city, whether as a sort of taxi, or tour guide(which seems to be big business during holidays in Neo-Venezia).

There are three Prima Undines names Alicia, Akira, and Athena. Akari is at Aria company with Alicia(who is a very beloved Undine which was given the fairy name of “Snow White”. Aika works with Akira, and Alice(the youngest) works with Athena.

From very early on Akari meets a little girl named Ai, who visits Neo-Venezia twice? during the series, but stays in correspondence with her through e-mail throughout the series.

In the end the three girls become Prima Undines, and take over for their trainers who then retire their roles. And of course Ai ends up being trained by Akari at Aria Company. Which, essentially, begins a new cycle.

During the show there is always a feeling of thoughtfulness, and I found this very soothing. The music as well. Akari, being the most thoughtful character who often gets prodded at for her almost child-like,and angelic, deep murmurs of sentimentality.

There seems to be nothing sinister or evil in the show. It borders on stimulating/magical. It does showcase a fair amount of curiosity and wonderment.

It felt as if Aria was showing an idea of where you go when you die, or pass on. And the trial you take before the judge, like the weighing of the heart to a feather in Egyptian theology.

It certainly seemed like a sort of purgatory. The reason I write this is because Akari travels from a place called Manhome, which I see simply as Man Home. Or the home of Man. This could mean that she is now a spirit. And her trials to becoming a Prima is part of her path to ascension.

It’s also interesting that the main characters names begin with ‘A’. The first letter of the English alphabet. Which could simply stand for ‘the beginning’ and reclaims the cycle that is Aria. Because once they become Primas they are christened with new names by the past Primas.

The fact that the number three is so prevalent in this series makes a lot of sense, also. Three water fairies, three girls, three cats(they each have a cat friend). It is also Ai’s third time in Neo-Venezia, when she joins Akari to become an Undine herself. Three is associated with divinity: birth, life, death- Beginning, Middle, and End. That’s what I think Aria is trying to portray in a very subtle and beautiful way. Thanks for reading!

A lot more I would detail about this series, but perhaps another time. Also if you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to contact us.-