Enter Vortex4


You see, Birdemic had it’s chance to shine..and shine, it did! In 2010, it lit up video and streaming screens everywhere! This Hitchcockian birdfest will have you sleeping at the edge of your seat- in between bouts of fatal, hysterical laughter.

Anywho, the true conspiracy behind this film shows itself when the forests begin to burn(very latter half of the film..if you can call it that). This film came out right before those fateful, bizarre “fires” in California. Yes, there are fires in the state of California, where Victorias Secret models and runway freak, frequenters got the yearning for the burning.

Anyway, this ain’t the bible belt. But there seems to be some foresight in this film- a sort of, “California is going to burn” allusion. And the Birdemic will flock and fly away.

As they say, “Queer flocks fly together”- some book, somewhere.

Yours truly,