Enter Vortex7



This movie gives off an eerie parallel with the victims of the serial rapist/torturer, David Parker Ray with his “toy box” and his mixture of phenobarbital and other drugs to make these women completely “forget” the horrible events that they had gone through.

In contrast, this movie has nothing to do with that piece of crap, or his crimes.

They are not one in the same; although the pigs in the pen are still being held there until the end.

And nearly gone, or shunned by the victim; are these memories. But the mind encapsulates those feelings nonetheless.

They are never gone- For it’s a big play on trauma- which is forever a part of those who have gone through it.

This film is very prolific in it’s detail of rhythmic, “beginning of the end, and end of the beginning” roll. But perhaps there is some color upstream..

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