Why the old Contrail is now a Chemtrail

Yup, they certainly are conning us. No contrail is a chemtrail. But to call a chemtrail a contrail, certainly would be a con.

A contrail is a trail of condensed water, that leaves a streak which dissipates a short time after it is left. Generally, the plane will still be in sight, when the trail begins to fade and disappear.

“The Contrail Con”- Anonymous Individual

However, there has been another trail, which does not act as a contrail should. This is known as a chemtrail. Chemtrails are streaks left across the skies after planes dump chemicals into the air. They stay up in the sky, sometimes multiple planes, leaving tic-tac-toe like patterns. The trails then dirty the skies, creating an ugly cloud or clouds that are distasteful to those who realize what they are.

Have you looked up to the clouds recently? Or are they chem-clouds?

MASTRADAMUS WRITES-“Those who fail to look up, will not see the mist. But it will surely blind them.”