Affects of Social Distancing, and the Occult

During this covid-19 seclusion, has anyone really thought of the meaning behind the suggestion of Social Distancing? What are the implications of not being able to socialize, meet new people, or (for the young-ins) go out to concerts and events, frequent bars. Now that people are acting as if every person that walks by them is contagious, how will this affect the populace overall? Will it become the new way to be in public places from now on? I certainly hope that we had taken value in closeness and the little affections that we all shared with family/friends/dogs/tigers- while we had it! But, a little less has changed for the introverts that live among us, bless their souls!

*There is also much speculation on the occult ritual that people are seemingly unaware which is going on around us during this social distancing movement. What might this be? We are to stand six feet away from other people. Why is it six feet, exactly? In bringing up the reality that when we die our bodies are buried..six feet underground.
Are we dead? Are they trying to make us dead? Or is this the ritual of the new zombie race? For now, we are the zombies: dead, but alive.
‘Tis an interesting world, and interesting times, for certain.

MASSTRADAMUS WRITESThere will be people wearing masks, and it will not be for Halloween. For the day will not even be a holiday, it will be everyday. We will be far away from others; we will wander like ghosts.”