“ENHANCEMENT” of Vehicles and the Big Secret

For years, cars have become more and more user friendly. And things seem to be a lot simpler: no more rolling up your window by winding the handle(the nineties were so unethical). Locking doors with a mere push of a button..or even automatic lock when the car starts. What does this mean for the average person?

In truth, these cars are being produced for the run of the mill, people stealer! I mean, tinted windows and rapist vans have been around forever. But vans are now looked at as prime, people theft, vehicles. We know better than to accept a ride in a van. So someone in the automotive design industry decided to upgrade sedans as well.

Think of what you could do to a passenger in a car that is driving itself?! My goodness. Therefore, cars are being designed for the purpose of criminal activity.

Thanks for reading, and try not to get into a vehicle with strangers.

MASSTRADAMUS WRITES- “The ones who choose the self driving sedan, shall never be seen again.”