Return of the living dead shares with you an experience of different characters, all of them keep you flicking the switch; exceeding the agony in the feast that is the almighty fright of The Return of the Living dead.

I’ve noticed something very interesting in this film.. That I would like to cover. A snippet of sorts..

After the accident happens at the medical supply company, and Frank and Freddie bring the goods over to the Mortician known as Ernie, to cremate- something really interesting happens.

You know how Snoop Dogg says, “Only on the left side yea that’s the Crips side-“. Well, Ernie does differently. Why?

Because Ernie, the mortician is wearing all red. And half of the right leg of his pants get torn off from the animated arm of a corpse. So Ernie is a Blood. And the movie also shares a lot of blood spray and spatter. It’s terrifically terrifying!

The idea is that they did that on purpose. Tore his right pant leg half way off to represent that he is part of the gang; the Bloods.(not to mention, the character Ernies real name is, “Don Calfa”, and his calf is exposed! It’s probably a little gag at him..a gang shout out).

Thanks for the read. Back at it again,

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