In horror, and secrecy, they hid the truth of giants from us. As archaeologists found their remains, overwhelming evidence of their existence. There are articles upon articles about giant skeletons being found in many ancient burial mounds here in the U.S.

Apparently there was someone, or a large sum of people who decided against sharing this information with the common folk.

The impact it could have had on society- which they had long ago swayed the minds of. For any further achievement in a vast plan to keep us unaware. They decided to keep it out of reach, and to keep the majority in the dark, of what could have been a new awakening for humanity, and a big change in the running ideology of the world as we know it.

They ultimately hid the fact that giants ever roamed the Earth with us. In conjunction: Darwin’s theory of evolution- which gave a hand in pushing the eugenics movement, racism and inequality among people over the decades/time.

The giants could have been a separate race/species altogether. Or they could have been like us. Which would have caused controversy in and of itself. They could have been the Gods that we read about or the monsters we had fought in stories. There are some pretty serious reasons for creationists and evolutionists alike, to want this brushed under the rug.

It seems now that giants linger on as fantasy- only appreciated in myth, legend and biblical stories.

MASSTRADAMUS WRITES “People envied the giants for their height and girth. The secrets of the past are nearing us.”