Corpse Plant- haunting, ghostly, and parasitic

When people of Mass think of a parasite, we don’t generally imagine it being a plant.

“Ghosts in the berries”- Summertime Escapist

Monotropa uniflora, also known as the indian pipe, is a plant that is located in Asia, as well as North America- we happen to have them right here, in the forests of good ole Massachusetts. You folks may spot them from time to time on walks and hikes, in undergrowth and dark places.

This plant seems to be a sort of anomally. Since it is not dependent on the suns light and grows in darkness, in the underbrush. It lacks chloraphyll and is a ghostly white, sometimes mistaken for fungus.

It solely survives by sapping nutrients and carbohydrates from the trees, through a fungi- Making it what us MassHoles call a parasite. It’s a rare specimen to find, but grows seemingly everywhere our photographer Summertime Escapist dwells.

And it’s decadent appearance isn’t all for not- they are edible. However, we are uncertain as to what a parasitic plant with the nickname “corpse plant” will grant a native of Mass if they eat one.
To each plant, it’s own way of life. Don’t think twice, try a bite!


(MassHole corner does not take responsibility for any injury or death to the people of Mass due to the consuming of this plant((research first!))) Eat At Your Own Risk