Myths (which often hold truth) speak of big squid. Huge ones. And they do exist.

The largest giant squid( also known as the colossal squid) was cited at over 42 feet long- tentacles included! Now, we would like to believe that this is a rarity in the oceans, and on our planet. This “spectacle” came out in the news many years ago, as a new species, we knew nothing about. A video of this gargantuan beast of the sea was propagated all throughout the news. Well, the truth may smart a bit.

The reason we never see or hear about giant squid is because, like many sea creatures, they get caught up in big fishing nets. Along with many other animals. A saddening story, for certain. We were never shown this big cephalopod before for a simple reason- the fishing industry.

They are not just sperm whale food, they could be on our plates right now. Or in our seafood salad. What is in that stuff anyway? These squid could cause a colossal problem for seamen. They do not want us to think about the harm and influence that Big Fish is causing to the populace of the worlds big squid, which may be dwindling as I type this. Either because of getting caught in drag nets or being laid out on our plates. Try to see the food, before you consume it.

Not to mention, they have trace amounts of radiation. Would you like to know why? Go to: WHAT HAPPENED TO FUKUSHIMA? for more information.

MASSTRADAMUS WRITES “The oceans will become bare, they will only be full with salted water.”