Time of Apples in Massachusetts

Apples are generally red, sometimes green(ask your granny). This is the time of year for apple pies, caramel apples, apple crisp, and apple dumplings.

And truth be told, as of late, it seems like apples aren’t just for human consumption. Have you heard of the big and boldly known Apple Tree Epidemic in Mass?

Fortunately, Massachusetts has a lengthy list of orchards that you can head to with your significant family, and grab a pecker, or bushel- just about as many fresh apples as you’d like.

If you’re low on funds this year, due to the worldwide ailment that plagued the Masses, just bring a backpack at two in the morning and fill ‘er up- then run. Massachusetts natives call this event, the apple dash. It’s a yearly tradition and is not harmful to the environment.

Pick away, folks!