Natives of Mass Get ‘Ruff

Some of us MassHoles around this time of year, get a bad case of dandruff. With an itchy scalp, the flakes fall as the leaves outside fall and consume the grass in our yards.

Dandruff is a condition which causes itchy and dry scalp, thus the dry skin wanders onto the shoulders of the person who has been stricken with this ailment. It has a tendency to be a bit seasonal. And for many can bring upon self esteem issues. Just don’t wear black t-shirts and you’ll bare with it.

As you know, the MassHole may pick a little fun at the flakage that scatters your shirt and pillow cases. Tell them that they’re just a flake too, and toss your pillow case in the wash.

This fall, if you’ve got a case of the blues, your scalp does too. Time for some Selsun Blue. Or any of the blue stuff.

Stay tough, don’t get ‘ruff!

-Side-Piece (too embarrassed to post a picture)