A White Halloween in Mass?

A turn in the weather today. As snow encompasses the ground we walk on.

The multi-colored leaves of fall are shivering and dancing with a coat of white, as the wind blows this years little ice crystals around. They cover the streets and grass in yards. Too soon to build a snowman? It may just be.

“White Halloween”- Avid Fall Lover(seething)

Perhaps this is the true coming of fall? It brings not only leaves, but snow! However, this forecast is not permanent. Fall is on the go until December 21st. Don’t bring out the hard stuff just yet, to warm you up. Cider is still in season.

Due to corona numbers on the rise in current times, once again- you will be needing some of that bottom shelf hand sanitizer vodka when leaving the store. Apply generously to hands, and off we go.

Looks like a snowy day today, but back to fall tomorrow, folks.