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Obstacle’s Crypto Page Info

ObstacleBuild(a big contributor to this site), has a page dedicated to what got 'em started in the world of cryptocurrency. This new page will lead you to O.B.'s twitter page, and a significant amount of the most plentiful crypto faucets on the net. Njoy! -SASQUACH -MOKELE-MBEMBE -YETI -THE MIGHTY CHUPACABRA and now, this guy! CLICK … Continue reading Obstacle’s Crypto Page Info


Time of Apples in Massachusetts

Apples are generally red, sometimes green(ask your granny). This is the time of year for apple pies, caramel apples, apple crisp, and apple dumplings. And truth be told, as of late, it seems like apples aren't just for human consumption. Have you heard of the big and boldly known Apple Tree Epidemic in Mass? Fortunately, … Continue reading Time of Apples in Massachusetts


Myths (which often hold truth) speak of big squid. Huge ones. And they do exist. The largest giant squid( also known as the colossal squid) was cited at over 42 feet long- tentacles included! Now, we would like to believe that this is a rarity in the oceans, and on our planet. This "spectacle" came … Continue reading GIANT SQUID, NOT A HIDDEN GEM

Fall- the seasonal onslaught continues in Mass

So begins a new season for the folks of, the ever enticing state, of Massachusetts. Settle into the coming scenery, and the beginning of a lasting cold(in more ways than one). This is the coughy, itchy sweater, cider tasting, here for just a smidge in time- the flighty season of fall. "Finale"- Summertime Escapist Oh, … Continue reading Fall- the seasonal onslaught continues in Mass

Corpse Plant- haunting, ghostly, and parasitic

When people of Mass think of a parasite, we don't generally imagine it being a plant. "Ghosts in the berries"- Summertime Escapist Monotropa uniflora, also known as the indian pipe, is a plant that is located in Asia, as well as North America- we happen to have them right here, in the forests of good … Continue reading Corpse Plant- haunting, ghostly, and parasitic


In horror, and secrecy, they hid the truth of giants from us. As archaeologists found their remains, overwhelming evidence of their existence. There are articles upon articles about giant skeletons being found in many ancient burial mounds here in the U.S. Apparently there was someone, or a large sum of people who decided against sharing … Continue reading WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIANTS?