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The will of a Massachusetts Storm

Yester-eve, folks of Middlesex County encountered a pretty wild storm. Our photographer snapped a couple of good ones from afar, out at the Wachusett Dam. With a short quote: "Dam the damn." Because the lightning wasn't striking as prescribed, in the images. Any MassHoles with pictures they'd like to submit, at any time, please contact … Continue reading The will of a Massachusetts Storm

Why the old Contrail is now a Chemtrail

Yup, they certainly are conning us. No contrail is a chemtrail. But to call a chemtrail a contrail, certainly would be a con. A contrail is a trail of condensed water, that leaves a streak which dissipates a short time after it is left. Generally, the plane will still be in sight, when the trail … Continue reading Why the old Contrail is now a Chemtrail

Tree Frog, spotted, in Massachusetts

Us Massachusetts natives, have a deep adoration for our wildlife: This little guy was found during an excursion to a backyard. His leaps are small due to the fact that he was about an inch in length. Therefore making mile strides, would be difficult(impossible) for this little guy. Tree frogs seek out marshy, wet areas, … Continue reading Tree Frog, spotted, in Massachusetts


Enter Vortex7   ?UPSTREAM COLOR This movie gives off an eerie parallel with the victims of the serial rapist/torturer, David Parker Ray with his “toy box” and his mixture of phenobarbital and other drugs to make these women completely “forget” the horrible events that they had gone through. In contrast, this movie has nothing to … Continue reading ?UPSTREAM COLOR


Enter Vortex4 ?BIRDEMIC SHOCK AND TERROR You see, Birdemic had it’s chance to shine..and shine, it did! In 2010, it lit up video and streaming screens everywhere! This Hitchcockian birdfest will have you sleeping at the edge of your seat- in between bouts of fatal, hysterical laughter. Anywho, the true conspiracy behind this film shows … Continue reading ?BIRDEMIC SHOCK AND TERROR